Gerald and Company welcomes Gerald and company on his first of two Segway Tours with us. would like to thank Gerald and wife along with their relatives for booking this first of two tours with We are delighted to have served you and look forward to your return in July. Gerald had some very nice comments about our services that I'd like to pass on to potential future clients where we deliver day in and day out. Make no mistake, we relentlessly pursue your happiness to ensure that you'll experience a Segway Tour you'll never forget. Prague is the world's best city for a Segway Tour and you'll soon discover that upon your first step on board our Segways. Read what Gerald has to say....

"I am a world traveler and in every city I visit if there is a Segway company with good ratings I have used. That said I would give 5 stars all the way. The only company that ever offered to bring the Segways to us rather having to find a meeting place. Big, Big plus. On time, very professional, extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommend and worth every penny. We had a three hour tour. !!!!!!!!" More Comments

In case you're wondering, yes he added the exclamation points. :)) Thanks Gerald for a wonderful review. But it sheds light on what we at are trying to do, and that is to service one customer at a time 5 - Star service they can rely on again and again. So no matter what your purpose in Prague is, come book with us and we'll deliver you an unmatchable Segway Tour experience.

We have 5 unique Segway Tour options at your disposal. If you don't find what you're looking for, we can customize a Segway Tour package that suits your needs. Come see Prague "Through Our Eyes" and experience our passion for greatness. Book Today