Blog welcomes Gerald and company on his first of two Segway Tours with us. would like to thank Gerald and wife along with their relatives for booking this first of two tours with We are delighted to have served you and look forward to your return in July. Gerald had some very nice comments about our services that I'd like to pass on to potential future clients where we deliver day in and day out. Make no mistake, we relentlessly pursue your happiness to ensure that you'll experience a Segway Tour you'll never forget. Prague is the world's best city for a Segway Tour and you'll soon discover that upon your first step on board our Segways. Read what Gerald has to say....

"I am a world traveler and in every city I visit if there is a Segway company with good ratings I have used. That said I would give 5 stars all the way. The only company that ever offered to bring the Segways to us rather having to find a meeting place. Big, Big plus. On time, very professional, extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommend and worth every penny. We had a three hour tour. !!!!!!!!" More Comments

In case you're wondering, yes he added the exclamation points. :)) Thanks Gerald for a wonderful review. But it sheds light on what we at are trying to do, and that is to service one customer at a time 5 - Star service they can rely on again and again. So no matter what your purpose in Prague is, come book with us and we'll deliver you an unmatchable Segway Tour experience.

We have 5 unique Segway Tour options at your disposal. If you don't find what you're looking for, we can customize a Segway Tour package that suits your needs. Our 2 best sellers - 2 - hour tour | 3 - hour tour Team's Up With Hoist Finance - from the UK to provide Company Segway Tour in Prague. would like to extend a warm “thank you” to Hoist Finance Company from London – UK for entrusting in in providing their team (of 19 business partners) a customized 3 hour Segway tour through Prague. Hoist Finance’s mission is “We are a solutions-oriented partner. Our success is built upon long-term relationships with our clients. The guiding values for our claim management are openness, dialogue and mutual respect.”

Our mission coincides with their values in the fact that believes success comes from within and it will show upon booking a Segway tour with our company. So no matter if you’re a couple, family of 4 or more, or a business looking for a fun way to build team spirit within your organization. Let craft a unique Segway tour for you. All of our tours come complete with private individual guides, who are Czech natives, and have extensive knowledge about, not only the history of Prague, but also the “stories” behind Prague’s magnificent attractions. Let us show you Prague “through our eyes.”

Once again, thank you, Hoist Finance for booking with us, we look forward to serving you in the future.


Kevin introduces you to the Žižkov TV Tower believes the Žižkov TV Tower could possibly be Prague's most underrated or overrated attraction depending on your point of view. You see, no matter where you go or look throughout Prague, this tower will be somewhat noticeable from every vantage point throughout the city, during your Segway Tour. The tower -- featuring a lookout tower and restaurant, was constructed in 1985 to 1992 by architect Václav Aulický and structural engineer Jiří Kozák standing 216 meters (709 feet) high. More pics & specs

The structure of the tower (unconventional in design) is based on a geometrical design to what resembles a triangle, whose corners go up in steel columns, consisting of three tubes, each with a double steel wall, filled with concrete. They support nine 'pods' and three decks for transmitting equipment. Many Czech natives believe the tower was built in a potential defense against Freedom, that the tower had planned to be used as a jamming device against western radio and television transmissions (potentially Radio Free Europe) and also to be potentially used as a communications facility for Warsaw Pact forces in the event of an attack on (or by) NATO.

Whatever the case, it dominates the skyline throughout Prague, and like it or love it, it's here to stay. So upon riding your Segway throughout Prague's many cobblestone streets visiting the historical attractions, just glaze up into the sky and you are sure to catch a glimpse of this architectural marvel some call Jake's Finger (former Secretary of the Communist Party - who resigned after the Velvet Revolution One thing you may notice about the tower in close up pictures are babies crawling up the steel pillars, yes babies.

This eclectic design came from Prague's own (controversial) sculptor - David Černý who's claim to fame came in 1991 after painting a Soviet tank pink, to serve as a war memorial in central Prague. A larger rendition of the same babies can be seen in Kampa Park, which unfortunately cannot be seen via a Segway, due to the camp banning Segways 2 years ago. However, there are still countless areas one can tour by Segway, and is highly recommended as a way to see Prague, notorious for it's cobble-stoned streets and vast hills leading up to Prague Castle. welcomes you to tour this great city on a Segway and recommends at least a 2 - hour Segway tour (best value - 3 hour Segway tour) in order to take advantage of the ground you'll be able to cover while riding your Segway. Book Here offers you a brief look at "Memorial of the Victims of Communism offers you a brief look at "Memorial of the Victims of Communism by Czech sculptor Olbram Zoubek and architects Jan Kerel and Zdenek Hoelzel. A unique look into some of the darkest days in Prague under communism, specifically after the invasion of 1968 by the Soviet regime. It contains seven unique sculptures depicting phases of a man living in a totalitarian state "evaporating" over time as the first being a statue of a full-man up to the last where only a few remnants are present. This depiction of a man disappearing is due mostly in part on how the secret police, the removal of expression, and loss from freedom of thought eventually causes the ultimate crumbling of a man into basically a non-recognizable figure, and eventually into dust. Nevertheless, a sad time indeed for all during this horrific time. displays it's passion for the arts in presenting you the Dancing House.

Designed in 1992 and completed in 1996, Prague’s Dancing House is an architectural marvel as it displays a bold design given the constraints of how communism sequestered bold thinking and radical ideas well into the 20th century. offers you a glimpse of this modern day attraction on many of our tours designed to educate while providing a unique journey throughout Prague via a Segway.

Designed by a Czech-Croatian architect Vlado Milunić along with Canadian – American architect Frank Gehry, the Dancing House was originally named the house of Fred and Ginger (after famous dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers), but is now rarely used due to (Gehry’s) fear of being ridiculed – and called “cheesy” for involving American culture into Prague’s rebirth into a capitalistic society, therefore abandoned it. Nevertheless, it has historical roots of being one of the locations bombed by the U.S. in 1945, and the adjacent lot was home to Václav Havel (Czechia’s first President) and parents during his childhood. offers this attraction any many more when you book a Segway Tour with us. Come share our passion for showing you Prague “through our eyes.” welcomes Karin and Family. welcomes Karin and her family from the U.S. Thank you for booking a 2 - hour Segway tour in Prague with us. Enjoy the remainder of your stay in Prague and enjoy exploring historic Europe. Safe travels back to the "Land of The Free, and Home of The Brave!" welcomes Kyle from the West Coast. welcomes Kyle from the West Coast. Thank you for booking a 3 - hour Segway tour in Prague with us. Enjoy the remainder of your stay in Prague and safe travels through Europe. welcomes another British invasion welcomes another British invasion - this time from Dan and his significant other. Thank you, Dan for booking a Segway tour in Prague with us. Save travels back to the UK. thanks Adrian and friends from the UK thanks Adrian and friends from the UK for booking a Segway tour in Prague with us on this glorious and beautiful day here in Prague. If in doubt with what tour to book, ask us and we'll customize a specific itinerary just for your group. Cheers, Adrian! witnessed a French invasion witnessed a French invasion this morning with Daniel and his crew! We thank you for booking a Segway tour in Prague with us here in Prague, and happy you guys had such a great time. Our guide enjoyed touring with you guys in your native (French) language. hopes you enjoyed the rest of your stay in Prague. Need advice on which Segway Tour to book? Allow to customize a specific itinerary for your group. Our specialty is flexibility. Let us show you Prague "through our eyes." Experience our passion by booking with us. Thanks guys! Safe travels back to France.