Žižkov TV Tower

Praguesegway.com ponders: Is Žižkov TV Tower an Architectural Blunder or Masterpiece. You Decide.

Praguesegway.com believes the Žižkov TV Tower could possibly be Prague's most underrated or overrated attraction depending on your point of view. You see, no matter where you go or look throughout Prague, this tower will be somewhat noticeable from every vantage point throughout the city, during your Segway Tour. The tower -- featuring a lookout tower and restaurant, was constructed in 1985 to 1992 by architect Václav Aulický and structural engineer Jiří Kozák standing 216 meters (709 feet) high. Cool Video Here

The structure of the tower (unconventional in design) is based on a geometrical design to what resembles a triangle, whose corners go up in steel columns, consisting of three tubes, each with a double steel wall, filled with concrete. They support nine 'pods' and three decks for transmitting equipment. Many Czech natives believe the tower was built in a potential defense against Freedom, that the tower had planned to be used as a jamming device against western radio and television transmissions (potentially Radio Free Europe) and also to be potentially used as a communications facility for Warsaw Pact forces in the event of an attack on (or by) NATO.

Whatever the case, it dominates the skyline throughout Prague, and like it or love it, it's here to stay. So upon riding your Segway throughout Prague's many cobblestone streets visiting the historical attractions, just glaze up into the sky and you are sure to catch a glimpse of this architectural marvel some call Jake's Finger (former Secretary of the Communist Party - who resigned after the Velvet Revolution One thing you may notice about the tower in close up pictures are babies crawling up the steel pillars, yes babies.

This eclectic design came from Prague's own (controversial) sculptor - David Černý who's claim to fame came in 1991 after painting a Soviet tank pink, to serve as a war memorial in central Prague. A larger rendition of the same babies can be seen in Kampa Park, which unfortunately cannot be seen via a Segway, due to the camp banning Segways 2 years ago. However, there are still countless areas one can tour by Segway, and is highly recommended as a way to see Prague, notorious for it's cobble-stoned streets and vast hills leading up to Prague Castle. Praguesegway.com welcomes you to tour this great city on a Segway and recommends at least a 2 - hour Segway tour (best value - 3 hour Segway tour) in order to take advantage of the ground you'll be able to cover while riding your Segway. Book Here