Hoist Finance

Praguesegway.com Team's Up With Hoist Finance - from the UK to provide Company Segway Tour in Prague.

Praguesegway.com would like to extend a warm “thank you” to Hoist Finance Company from London – UK for entrusting in Praguesegway.com in providing their team (of 19 business partners) a customized 3 hour Segway tour through Prague. Hoist Finance’s mission is “We are a solutions-oriented partner. Our success is built upon long-term relationships with our clients. The guiding values for our claim management are openness, dialogue and mutual respect.”

Our mission coincides with their values in the fact that Praguesegway.com believes success comes from within and it will show upon booking a Segway tour with our company.So no matter if you’re a couple, family of 4 or more, or a business looking for a fun way to build team spirit within your organization. Let Praguesegway.com craft a unique Segway tour for you. All of our tours come complete with private individual guides, who are Czech natives, and have extensive knowledge about, not only the history of Prague, but also the “stories” behind Prague’s magnificent attractions. Let us show you Prague “through our eyes.”

Once again, thank you, Hoist Finance for booking with us, we look forward to serving you in the future.