30 Minutes Additional Time - Free - With 2 Hour Tour

3 key reasons how we keep our customers smiling: Staff - Service - Tour Design

Staff: We absolutely love what we do, meeting fascinating tourists from Asia - Australia - Canada - Europe - the UK - & US who put their trust in us (daily) to educate them about Prague while riding on a Segway! How could life get any better?

Service: How about starting your tour "directly from the front door of your hotel?" And, we'll even "photograph" it - while you "master" the cobblestone streets of Prague with your Segway.

Tour Design: We crafted 5 - exceptional Segway tours for small "private" groups of (2-9 people) - based on safety, traffic flow, attraction popularity, and customer input. Our aim? A "fail-proof" - Segway Tour experience - that'll "highlight" your visit. "Behind" the scenes - daily research goes in to perfecting these tours - by implementing "continuous-improvements" from customer feedback. We take both the good & bad - improve upon it - to help create a "flawless" experience.

The result? A "magical Segway Tour experience" - you'll cherish forever. This relentless pursuit in developing "the perfect Segway Tour" will be crystal-clear when passing by other Segway tours. 3 main - reasons: "Legendary" stories behind the attractions - likability and enthusiasm of our guides - and the due-diligence put into our tour designs. Great "brain-trust" went into creating these tours - that's clear in our 2 best sellers - 2 - hour tour | 3 - hour tour.

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1.5 - Hour Private Tour - €45

Prague Segway 90 minute tour

2 - Hour Private Tour - €58

Prague Segway 2 hour tour

3 - Hour Private Tour - €67

Prague Segway 3 hour tour

1 - Hour Private Tour - €35

Prague Segway 1 hour tour

NEW - Twilight Private Tour

Prague Segway Twilight 2 - hour Tour

Custom Private Tour

Prague Segway Custom Tour